A Bat is Born

The process of creating a sculpture begins with an inspired idea that can come about in different ways. It can start with an announcement heard over the radio about the beginning of a “New Season”, or a strong emotion from within, (Pressure) and even a common word or phrase heard during a ballgame, (Double Switch) can be the source that ignites the creative flame.


I immediately make a small rough sketch of my vision and a subsequent

full-scale drawing is made onto ¼ inch plywood. This drawing can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours or more. This is the point in which I try to fully comprehend the piece in three dimensions and finalize the design. At this stage the perfectionist in me takes over and it is possible to spend hours correcting the shape of a single curve of the bat. 


Lumber is chosen and blocks are glued together to accommodate its size and the drawing is transferred to the block. The piece is sawed out and rough carved using a grinder with abrasive discs and a Dremel tool. The carvings are then hand sanded starting with rough -grit sandpaper and working up to fine-grit. The process of sanding is where the details of the bat are discovered and I attempt to find the true shape I had envisioned. This is the most time consuming and labor intensive part of the process.


The sculptures are finished using various methods and mediums. I will experiment with lacquers, polyurethanes, acrylics, dyes, and stains. I find comfort in the warmth of earth tones and for some reason have an affinity for the color red.



Below are sample rough sketches I make during the "idea stage" of a potential sculpture.


Bat Sketches
"New Season" roughed-out

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