Baseball is such an iconic symbol of America, and those of us who are fans know that anything to do with baseball can impart emotions of pleasure and excitement. Not unlike art.


I turned a common baseball bat for my son. Afterwards, I had an image in my mind of a bat that curved and wreathed, and once I created this sculpture, I saw that I had replaced utility with emotion.  Then came the epiphany for me to no longer create what I see, but what I feel.


I carve sculptures, expressing my love for both art and baseball using the simple clean lines and curves of a baseball bat at the core of each piece. Wood is my choice of medium.  Different species of wood each have their own innate qualities that are transferred into my sculptures. 


The sculptures I create test my artistic flair as well as my woodworking skills, and with each piece I try to express individual feeling in a distinctive form, making each piece unique.  Creating something unconventional, and yet comfortingly familiar, and finding a way to express emotion in each piece has been a challenging yet freeing experience for me.  I continue to be passionate about baseball bat art and look forward to trying to hit one out of the park at my next at bat.


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Gary Mifflin
29 Bellerive Acres
Saint Louis, MO 63121



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